LETTERS TO THE EDITOR – March 21, 2019

Dear Editor,

In the nine years that I have observed City Council, this city has only gone from bad to worse. The incompetence of Linda Krupa and Bonnie Wright needs to stop.
They can’t balance a budget and refuse to follow the state auditors suggestions to balance it.
Dividing the city into districts to better serve the people has only resulted in dividing the city. In one open council meeting the city manager stated, “Just tell me what you want done and I will do it.”
Now the council wants to blame the City Manager for the council’s failures.
When Linda Krupa ran for re-election, 1500 people voted in the election. 761 of those people voted for Krupa in a city of 60,000 people. No one is qualified to run against Krupa unless they live in the same district as she does and yet she votes on issues that affect this entire city. That is just wrong, wrong, wrong and needs to be repealed.
I spent 40 years in marketing and sales. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was that if there is a problem in any organization the source of the problem almost always originated with the decision-makers.

Jim Welker, Hemet

Dear Editor,

Regarding Allen Parker’s demise:

Oh, mercy me. One more time the city manager gets canned. Whoops, excuse me, he is put on “administrative leave.” One more time of how many? Woe is me. I thought for sure Allen Parker would last! Oh well, maybe Hemet can still go bankrupt without Allen. You think? He’ll find a new roost. I wonder if the city is buying him out of his contract?
Take note, however, we have the same city attorneys. I wonder what that’s all about? I’ll tell you, council meetings have to be so boring with the same ole’, same ole’. In the interim, who shall rule the roost in Hemet?
I think we all know who rules the roost in this town. It’s a shame. Some of the nicest people I know are in positions of trust (if you want to call it that) – big fish in a very small sea. They surely wouldn’t want to be in D.C. Some of the nicest people I know in town manage to get things done. They’ve learned their craft and they do it well. I actually admire them. They are doers. We used to call them “movers and shakers.” I call them doers and movers. They get it done because they know what it takes to do it. I don’t have to agree with them and more often than not, I don’t. But that doesn’t make them any less likable.
I’ve never learned to play the game. It’s not that I’m too slow or dumb, I just don’t have the incentive. I’d rather do it the honest way. I’d rather be able to look myself in the mirror in the morning (they don’t seem to have a problem). I hope only the best for everyone as long as I don’t have to pay the consequences of their behaviors.

Ann Smith, Hemet

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