Folks think Mayor Wright is Mayor ‘Wrong’

■ Chronicle News Staff

The following comments were attached to a shared post regarding Mayor Bonnie Wright on “The Hemet Eye News” Facebook page on Mar. 24. The post included a photo of Mayor Wright at the beginning.

Jennifer Smith
Anyone else feel that Mayor Bonnie Wright is an ineffective leader? What can be done to remove her from office? We see the continued turnover in City Managers, Hemet has gotten worse with crime and it’s the same ol’ same ol’ with her. She has been on City Council long enough to have made a difference and yet nothing has changed.

Chuck Santone Jr.
Half the people commenting don’t vote. If you don’t vote, you are the problem and have zero right to complain.

Lana Archer
Reply to Chuck Santone Jr.: My family and friends are affected by her actions. I have every right to say something. I don’t live there, no, but it’s people like HER that made me move away. Letting the city go down the toilet as long as she has her money and power, why should she care?

Chuck Santone Jr.
Reply to Lana Archer: My point is that people complain on social media, but will not take the time and make the effort to vote.

Kathleen Marquez
Over the last eight years the City of Hemet is not much better and she didn’t think she needed to listen to state auditors. So what does that tell you?

Michael Flores
Recall her. It will take a petition.
Stacie Olson
Reply to Michael Flores: Yes! Contact me!

Joyce Schlaman
Hemet has gone so downhill in the last few years! We are moving!

Maria Lupe Cisneros
I’m sure she lives out of town, right? Most likely why she doesn’t care!

Stacie Olson
Reply to Maria Lupe Cisneros: She has to live in her district to qualify.

Maria Lupe Cisneros
Reply to Stacie Olson: Then she lives as far away from us as she can to still be considered “within district.”

Stacie Olson
Reply to Maria Lupe Cisneros: The city is divided into districts. She has to live within the boundaries of her district. Locate districts at the city website and you can see where hers is at!

Chuck Vinyard
Who is going to recoup all the money these people are getting for severance pay? If they did a bad job, they should be fired with no money given to them! Whoever said to hire them should be fired also, with no money as severance pay!

Darla Bailey
If Howard Toungent ran for mayor, I’d vote for him.

Desiree Rachels Arcasi
Reply to Darla Bailey: He is a deep thinker, for sure, and understands the duties. I hope to meet him one day!

Shawna MacIntosh
Is it time to file a petition to have her recalled?

Stacie Olson
Reply to Shawna MacIntosh: Yes, contact me!

Marie Escobar
I would spread some petitions!

Shirley Carmody
At this point, it’s obviously not all of these managers who are at fault but the mayor and city council members themselves.

Beth Gifford
It’s truly hard to know the real issue with these gag-orders in place. I wish we could know what is really happening.

Bob Simpson
She is an active member of the EMWD board, Grant’s and Loans. Does the city do business with EMWD?…/east…/bonnie-wright/

Stacie Olson
Reply to Bob Simpson: And she votes on items pertaining to EMWD! That’s definitely a clash! She has a personal interest and potential gain in voting on EMWD items, but she still does! She can recuse herself, but doesn’t.

Bob Simpson
Reply to Stacie Olson: She makes over $100k as a water district employee.
Where are her loyalties?

Stacie Olson
Reply to Bob Simpson: Certainly something to consider. Like someone else commented, even if she CAN vote on EMWD items why not, for the sake of appearances, recuse herself anyway if she has nothing to gain? Why even bring in the city attorney if she has nothing to gain?

Lana Archer
Reply to Stacie Olson: If the city attorneys were actually smart, they would recommend it. Let me guess, the city attorney is somehow related to her?

Marianne Derouin
I pay EMWD money on my water bill and I pay within the Hemet Water District.

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