‘Reboot Your Commute!’

Riverside County seeks to update transportation roadmap

RCTC, https://rebootmycommute.org
Many citizens of San Jacinto have long commutes out of town. What can #RebootYourCommute do to help?

■ Jacob Doane / Contributed

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) has begun to conduct a survey on the commutes of citizens, both to update and understand our transportation roadmap and to see where we should be directing our limited transportation dollars.
The survey is conducting a comprehensive review of the long term transportation plan that Riverside County approved back in 2002. They will also be adopting a 10 year plan for highway and other transportation priorities this summer.
One of the central claims of the RCTC is that a “Transportation Roadmap” is essential to economic growth, public safety, and quality of life of citizens in the Riverside County. “We need to change the conversation about transportation,” said Anne Mayer, Executive Director of RCTC. “The status quo is not sustainable. We will need to think outside the familiar white and yellow lines. All ideas are welcome,” she said.
As part of the survey the commission will also determine if additional sales tax to improve transportation efforts would be appropriate. If you want to comment, take part of the discussion, or simply learn more about the hashtag “RebootYourCommute,” visit RebootMyCommute.org, call 800-450-3650, or text “RCTC” to 55222.

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