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Pep Boys plans to host Cruise-In event monthly

Photos by Corey Evan
Pep Boys Hemet launched their Monthly Cruise-In on Friday, Mar. 23.

■ Corey Evan / Contributed

To some, Hemet may be a quiet, uneventful town. And that’s how many of us like it. But on Saturday, Mar. 22, Pep Boys made plenty of noise at their first-of-its-kind event next to the Hemet Valley Mall. Thus the Pep Boys Monthly Cruise-In was born.

Proud owners adorn their vehicles with logos, even under the hood.

Despite cloudy skies overhead upwards of 100 cars, their drivers, and hundreds of car enthusiasts flooded the Pep Boys parking lot behind the Burger King.
According to Pep Boys Speedshop Specialist Patrick Trice, this brand new event is about giving car enthusiasts a safe, local place to meet: “We’re going to start hosting these about [every or every other] month, so we can start having, like, a place for everyone to come to and enjoy cars and the culture of cars.”
It doesn’t matter whether you drive a new car, an old car, domestic model, foreign model, a Thunderbird, a Corvette, a Beetle, a restored classic, or a rust bucket. So whether your engine bay is gleaming or caked with grease, all are welcome according to Trice: “It’s not make or model specific, it’s just for everybody to come out and enjoy the car community. We’re not trying to cut anybody out of the fun.”
For those who had grown tired of whoppers, a street food stand popped up serving more authentic food faire. Music for the event was provided by Sounds Divine DJs Bryan and Priscilla Powell.

Whether domestic or foreign, Pep Boys says this event is for everybody.

In case there were any doubts about how much horsepower your ride has held onto, the Cruise-in also featured a dynamometer. In this instance, owners were putting their vintage machines to the test in order to possibly win prizes on top of prizes offered to these best vehicles that had shown up for the March Cruise-in:
Best Custom: Jim Grable
Additional winners:
Jim Grable- 1940 International Harvester P.U.
Joseph Wasasky- 2012 Toyota Celica
Joren & Julie Budnar- 1943 Willys MB Jeep (world war 2), Best off road award
Jim Lawler- 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS 396
Ronnie – 2005 Harley motorcycle, Best motorcycle award
Sil Brander – 1959 Plymouth Belvedere, Best Dyno Horsepower & Torque
Frank Swiettk – 1959 Chevy Impala
Marcos Gomez- 2012 Mustang Boss 302
Trice also says that Pep Boys strives to be the public’s go-to shop for what they need to keep their wheels spinning.
Pep Boys plans to keep these shows coming, and already have another Monthly Cruise-In, this Friday, April 5 from 4 – 7 p.m. For more information, call Patrick Trice at 951-766-1477.

*Awards information is the most complete provided by Bryan Powell and Patrick Trice

This Plymouth takes a dynamometer test, to show off its horsepower.
What would any car show be without a Mustang?
Unrestored and unabashed.
This Thunderbird owner keeps a toy inside his toy.
Can you make your lights any brighter?
All engines are welcome to this monthly event, whether gleaming or covered in elbow grease.

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