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Make your cycling excursion a fun adventure instead of a marathon biking session. You’ll find most everyone will want to do it again.

Family cycling for a fun escape

Going for a bike ride is one of the best ways for people to exercise in fresh air. Cycling is not only earth-conscious and convenient, it also is a fun and popular activity that anyone can enjoy.
Adults may have fond memories of their own cycling adventures as children that they want to pass down to their kids. Since families may have cyclists with various levels of experience, it’s a good idea to employ certain strategies so that everyone stays safe and gets the most out of their time in the cycling saddle.

– Buy the right bikes.
Take time to research different brands of bicycles and what they offer. Some bikes are ideal for streets or paved trails, while others are better for rustic roads and trails. A qualified bike retailer can help shoppers find the right bike for them and their families, ensuring everyone in the family is riding the right size bike and the one that fits best with their skill level.

– Limit the distance.
Children won’t be able to put in as many miles as their parents or older siblings. Limit cycling excursions to a reasonable amount of time and distance so youngsters’ health is not compromised and they don’t end up cranky and unhappy with the experience.

– Focus on fun.
Consider what kids will get out of the trip and why they will want to participate. Then gear your ride around that. Choose a path that leads riders to a playground or one that circles a scenic lake. Make your cycling excursion more of a fun adventure than a marathon biking session. You’ll find most everyone will want to do it again.

– Take frequent breaks.
Little legs may not be able to keep up and adults will need to anticipate stopping along the way. Besides, you can use the kids as an excuse to take a break for yourself.

– Know the terrain.
Stick to routes you have ridden before. Leave the more intense courses that include extreme climbs and dips for those times when kids are not in tow. Stick to lightly trafficked routes, or travel during off-peak hours. Consult with trail guides, read reviews and talk with other riders to learn about the best places to go with kids, and when.

– Check bikes before departing.
Make sure tires are inflated and everything else is in working order. Bring a small tool kit along in case a repair needs to be made.

– Wear the right clothing.
Choose clothing that will not become uncomfortable from sitting on the bike seat or pull while pedaling. Also make sure you will be seen by everyone who may be moving along the same route as you. There are colorful vests that make you much easier to see. And don’t forget your helmet. A must when riding because you never know when something can cause a spill.
Cycling as a family can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and get some exercise.

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