Officers Team Up for Traffic Safety on Domenigoni Parkway

Hemet, Calif. – On Wednesday, November 10th, 2021, the Hemet Police Department Traffic Team worked alongside several surrounding agencies to address and reduce dangerous driving on Domenigoni Parkway. Hemet officers joined officers from the Menifee Police Department, California Highway Patrol and deputies from the Riverside County Sherriff ’s Department to increase awareness, educate drivers and impact traffic safety on the long stretch of roadway. Officers, mostly riding police motorcycles, focused on Domenigoni Parkway from its origin at State Street in Hemet, all the way to interstate 15 in Lake Elsinore. The idea came from Menifee Police Department who shares a large portion of the roadway as it winds through the City of Menifee. When Menifee Police reached out to, Hemet PD was excited and ready to join in. “This particular roadway sees heavy traffic and vehicles at high speeds.” said Hemet Police Traffic Sergeant Dan Reinbolt. “The speed limit is posted at 65 miles per hour, but people drive much faster.” Higher speeds often result in more violent, tragic collisions.

Unfortunately, there have been more than one traffic collision ending with a fatality on Domenigoni Parkway not only in Hemet, but in other cities as well. This mid-week, multi-agency joint operation was very successful with many drivers surprised to see “police everywhere” as they drove down Domenigoni Parkway. The Hemet Police Department has plans to host and participate in more joint efforts with other agencies in the future.

2 thoughts on “Officers Team Up for Traffic Safety on Domenigoni Parkway

  1. Traffic drives pretty fast out there but, seems like the police need to police NOT look for speeding traffic.
    Domestic violence and the HOMELESS need attention.
    I think that the police have BETTER things to do than Chase SPEEDING CARS. The CHP has a mission to capture spenders.

  2. I agree with Steven, the cops have way better things to do than to harass speeding cars, what a waste of time and our money. I watch tic toc and see how cops try to intimidate drivers all the time there nothing but power hungry jerks!! Sorry I feel like that but it’s a fact!

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