Reduce distractions behind the wheel

<strong>Reduce distractions behind the wheel</strong>
Metro ServiceDistractions from technology have become especially alarming, particularly texting or reading phones while driving. Despite the fact that automobiles are now designed with more safety features than ever before, the rate of traffic accidents and fatalities continue to rise. The National Safety Council says safety improvement like crash-avoidance technology hasn’t reduced accidents, and driver error is still to blame for many crashes — with distractions behind the wheel and impaired driving leading the way. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says distracted driving claimed 3,450 lives in 2016 alone. Distracted driving is defined as any activity that diverts drivers’ attention from the road. This can include everything from talking to (more…)

Different ways to spend your tax refund on your car

<strong>Different ways to spend your tax refund on your car</strong>
Freepik.comAmericans appear to view tax refunds as opportunities to make purchases of vehicles Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy, Tax season is upon us and so are tax refunds for some. A survey shows a lot of folks may use their tax refund to buy a new or used car. Sounds like a good idea but it may not be for a variety of reasons (and it might be for others). A new survey commissioned by eBay motors found that more than one-third of vehicle owners anticipating tax refunds will spend a portion of their newly found cash on something related to a car, truck, or motorcycle, and the parts to (more…)

Develop a vehicle maintenance schedule

<strong>Develop a vehicle maintenance schedule</strong>
Metro ServiceMaintaining a routine service schedule is one way for drivers to keep repair costs down. The oft-sudden expense of vehicle repairs can throw monthly budgets into disarray. Maintaining a routine service schedule is one way for drivers to keep repair costs down. The online automotive resources says many car owners do not adequately prepare for scheduled maintenance, and may not give maintenance a thought until it’s too late. The first step drivers take upon purchasing a new or preowned vehicle should be to familiarize themselves with the vehicle’s owner’s manual, which is filled with valuable information and likely includes maintenance interval recommendations. Next, drivers should learn about their vehicle, (more…)

Local things to do to save gas

■ RICHARD PERRY / Contributed Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy, The rains will reside and spring will be here in no time. With that in mind, I want to share with you my short list of local things to do for fun that don’t require much planning. 1) Bee Canyon Jeep Trail to Pine Cove My Jeep club friends shared this with me some time ago. It starts from east Hemet and climbs up around Soboba to a fresh creek and waterfall that ends up in Pine Cove (of course you’ll need a Jeep). 2) The new Soboba Casino and Country Club at Soboba Springs Try out your luck at (more…)

Tips for staying safe with keyless systems

<strong>Tips for staying safe with keyless systems</strong>
Metro ServiceKeyless entry and ignition systems might be convenient, but they require caution and common sense. Auto manufacturers have long embraced technology that can streamline the automotive experience for drivers. For example, several years ago keyless entry and ignition systems were introduced, initially on high-end vehicles before they became standard on many other models. Keyless entry systems require a fob, which sends a signal to the receiver inside the vehicle. The fob transmits a low-frequency code to the car’s internal computer system, which engages the locks and will allow the driver to push a button on the dashboard or console to start the vehicles. The fob can be stashed away in (more…)

Tax returns and your car

Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy, All year long, you shell out money to keep your car rolling. But as you file your federal tax return this year, your car-related expenses could actually save you some money. I’m not a tax preparer nor do I play one on TV, so that’s why I investigated the following. Tax professionals and a spokesperson for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) say there are at least five main areas car owners should consider when preparing their returns. People can only claim these deductions if they file the more complicated tax forms where they list itemized individual deductions. The deductions reduce taxable income, and the net (more…)

The evolution of global positioning systems

<strong>The evolution of global positioning systems</strong>
Metro ServiceNavigation tools have evolved over the years, and the world has long been on the precipice of something more accurate and intuitive. Global positioning systems can now be found in many devices and have transformed the way that people interact with their environments. Navigation tools have evolved over the years, and the world has long been on the precipice of something more accurate and intuitive. Many people believe GPS started with the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik. Scientists at MIT noticed that the frequency of the radio signals transmitted by the satellite increased as it approached Earth and decreased when it moved away. Satellites could be tracked by measuring (more…)

Show your car love for Valentine’s Day

■ RICHARD PERRY / Contributed Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy, The people at VIP Autos are car people. So we say: we love our cars, we’re not exaggerating. Like a romantic mate, we depend on our vehicles and they depend on us. So this Valentine’s Day, we’ll show our cars and trucks a little love to thank them for always – or at least almost always – being there for us. You can show your car some love too. Just don’t forget to show the special people in your life that you love them first. Your car won’t notice if you’re a day or two late, but your girlfriend, boyfriend (more…)

How to reduce vehicle maintenance costs

<strong>How to reduce vehicle maintenance costs</strong>
Metro ServiceVehicle maintenance costs tend to be most expensive when drivers ignore routine maintenance or miss signs that their cars and trucks might be struggling. Major repairs to a vehicle can be expensive. When unanticipated repairs are necessary, drivers’ budgets can be thrown out of whack, potentially causing a domino effect that compromises their ability to pay their bills on time. Whether your vehicle is brand new, a few years old or reaching milestones on its odometer with every mile driven, there are ways to care for the vehicle so you aren’t caught off guard by costly repairs down the road. Read your owner’s manual. A vehicle owner’s manual is a (more…)

Is the DMV written test designed to trip up seniors?

<strong>Is the DMV written test designed to trip up seniors?</strong>
The test is so tricky that anyone can fail – and they do. ■ CHRIS SMITH / ADVISORY EDITOR I recently was notified by the California Department of Motor Vehicles that I had to appear at the DMV and take a written and vision test. As a healthy 72-year-old who had just refreshed my glasses prescription, and being reasonably intelligent, I wasn’t concerned. When I arrived at the Hemet DMV office, I didn’t have an appointment, but I managed to get processed fairly quickly. I was asked if I were comfortable taking a computer test for the written portion, and, of course, I said yes, since I spend much of my (more…)