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Family Life & Pets

Pet poisons that may be lurking in your home

<strong>Pet poisons that may be lurking in your home</strong>
Metro ServicePets are often vulnerable to common household items that may not pose a threat to adults. One of the best things prospective pet owners can do before welcoming new pets into their families is to conduct a poison audit throughout their homes. Pets are often vulnerable to common household items that may not pose a threat to adults. That’s especially true for curious pets anxious to explore their new surroundings. The Pet Poison Helpline, a licensed animal poison control center dedicated to preventing poison-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities to pets, offers this room-by-room breakdown to help existing and potential pet owners find items around the house that could pose a (more…)
Family Life & Pets

Want healthier kids? Get a pet

<strong>Want healthier kids? Get a pet</strong>
Metro ServicePets can contribute to cognitive, physical and emotional wellness in children. If youngsters have been eyeing fuzzy kittens or boisterous puppies at nearby shelters or pet stores, parents may want to give in to those cries for a family pet. Pets are added responsibilities, but the health benefits associated with pet ownership may be well worth the investment of time and effort. Caring for a pet is sometimes viewed as a childhood rite of passage, but there’s much more to the experience than just learning responsibility. Experts say a child’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social development can be enhanced through interaction with a family pet. Studies continue, but the effects (more…)
Family Life & Pets

How to socialize more and make new friends

<strong>How to socialize more and make new friends</strong>
Metro ServiceFinding people with the same interests can make it easy to make friends and socialize. As adults grow older, responsibilities to work and family can make it difficult to stay connected to friends. Over time, social circles may unravel and people may find themselves wondering where those close relationships have gone and how they can make more friends and socialize more. People who do not routinely socialize, especially those who do not have a spouse or partner, can experience loneliness. When AARP surveyed adults age 45 and older about loneliness, a little over one-third of respondents were categorized as lonely. That’s alarming, as loneliness is considered a significant predictor of (more…)
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Reasons a mutt should be your next dog

<strong>Reasons a mutt should be  your next dog</strong>
Metro ServiceYou may get nothing “mutt” love from mixed-breed dogs. “Mutt” and “mongrel” have long had negative connotations, but there’s no need to turn one’s nose at mixed breed dogs. Dogs of any kind, regardless of lineage, can be cherished companions who offer years of tireless love and affection. In fact, mutts have gained steam as dogs of choice thanks to new, more trendy monikers, such as “designer dogs” or “cross-bred pups.” In addition, many well-recognized purebreed dogs popular today were likely once amalgams of different breeds that were carefully crafted to acquire the desireable traits of popular breeds. Many mixed-breed dogs are beautiful, well-behaved pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association (more…)
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What it costs to raise kids today

<strong>What it costs to raise kids today</strong>
Metro ServiceWhile shrinking families may be based on many different factors, including postponing having children until later in life, the rising costs of raising kids may have something to do with it as well. A generation ago, it was common to see families with four or more children. But things are a bit different today. Pew Social Trends indicates that parents now have 2.4 children on average, a number that has remained fairly stable for two decades. In addition, since 1976, the share of mothers at the end of their childbearing years who have one child has doubled, from 11 percent to 22 percent. While shrinking families may be based on (more…)
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Simple ways to make more time for family

<strong>Simple ways to make more time for family</strong>
Metro ServiceWith some fine tuning, anyone can find ways to spend more time with their children, spouse, extended families, and friends. For the majority of working professionals, finding quality time to spend with loved ones can be a delicate balancing act. But working parents do not have to wait until retirement to enjoy being in the company of their families. With some fine tuning, anyone can find ways to spend more time with their children, spouse, extended families, and friends. Eat dinner together every night. Eating dinner as a family enables everyone to be a part of one another’s day and discuss important issues facing the family. According to The Family (more…)
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How you can benefit from having a pet

<strong>How you can benefit from having a pet</strong>
Metro ServicePets are more than mere companions. In fact, pets can offer numerous health and well-being benefits to people of all ages. Pets have been kept for centuries. Statistics from various sources indicate North Americans own millions of dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, and reptiles. Pets’ affable nature and loving looks are enough for many people to welcome them into their homes, but the benefits of having a pet extends beyond their appearances and temperaments. Pets can help prevent loneliness. Loneliness affects people of all ages, but it is particularly problematic among seniors. Older adults who may be isolated can benefit from having a pet around. According to a study published (more…)
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Entertaining in a pet-friendly home

<strong>Entertaining in a pet-friendly home</strong>
Metro ServiceSome pets can be the life of the party. Others may have to sit out the festivities. Even in pet-friendly homes, certain concessions may need to be made when entertaining. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Pet lovers often find their companion animals to be the center of their worlds. Data from the ASPCA says approximately 44 percent of all American households have a dog and 35 percent have a cat. Similarly, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, in partnership with Hill’s Science Diet, found that roughly 35 percent of Canadian households have a dog, while 38 percent have a cat. Cats and dogs are cherished family members, earning gifts and premiere (more…)
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Prevent lost pets with these simple tips

<strong>Prevent lost pets with these simple tips</strong>
Metro ServiceLeashes are vital tools for keeping pets from wandering off and getting lost. ■ Metro Service / Contributed No pet parent wants their pets to escape the house, car or yard and become lost. But curious pets have a way of getting out on their own, which not even the most watchful pet owners can always prevent. The American Humane Association estimates that more than 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the United States every year. One in three pets will become lost at some point during its life. While it is impossible to prevent every situation that may lead to a lost pet, pet owners (more…)
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How to identify and stop cyberbullying

<strong>How to identify and stop cyberbullying</strong>
Metro ServiceChildren, adolescents and young adults can be the victims of a pervasive type of abuse called cyberbullying. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Today’s students have many new things to contend with as they navigate the school year. As a greater number of schools transition to providing lessons, homework and tests on digital devices, students spend much more time online. This connectivity can have many positive results. However, the same availability also opens up students of all ages to various dangers. One of these dangers is a more invasive form of bullying called “cyberbullying.” The global organization says nearly half of kids have been bullied online, with one in four (more…)