Tigers shot down by Centaurs

<strong>Tigers shot down by Centaurs</strong>
Photo by Corey EvanCoach Aric Galliano is very proud of his 2018 Tigers for just getting to the finals. Culver City took CIF Division 7 Championship title from San Jacinto, 61-21 ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Many football teams only ever dream of the day they make it to the Championship finals in their division. For San Jacinto High School, that dream came true on Saturday, Nov. 24, having conquered La Quinta, squeaked past Riverside’s Notre Dame and squeezed Valencia of Placentia to make it to the CIF Division 7 Championship against the Culver City Centaurs. Could these local thoroughbreds possibly take victory from the clutches of their crossbred big (more…)

Eagles sink the Pirates

<strong>Eagles sink the Pirates</strong>
Photo by Corey EvanSan Jacinto intercepted the ball to start the second quarter in control. Men’s basketball: MSJC soared over Ventura on Saturday, 87-70 ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Flying has long triumphed over sailing in terms of travel. But in terms of athletics, that debate continues to rage on. On Saturday, Nov. 24, that debate would come to a head as the Ventura College Pirates sailed into town to take on the Mt. San Jacinto Eagles. One has to wonder how the Pirates were able to dock! The first few minutes saw fouls fly around the Eagle Gymnasium, but despite this the Eagles would score first. It took five (more…)

How to improve overall endurance

<strong>How to improve overall endurance</strong>
Metro ServiceIt’s one thing to resolve to get fit. It’s another to continue to push physical boundaries time and again. Pushing oneself physically can be exhausting and demanding. But whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a part-time fitness enthusiast or even someone who lives a largely sedentary lifestyle, you can find ways to dig down and improve your overall endurance. Many athletes find pushing their bodies past certain boundaries to be empowering. Letting complacency set in is easy, but finding the motivation to press on and push ahead takes mental determination. The following are a handful of ways to push past physical glass ceilings and improve endurance. Join a marathon. The statistics (more…)

MVP Spotlight: Nancy Romo and Kaleb Hervey

<strong>MVP Spotlight: Nancy Romo and Kaleb Hervey</strong>
She’s killin’ it in the classroom and on the tennis court; he’s leading Tigers football to CIF championships Corey EvanKaleb Hervey plays tight and defensive end for the SJHS Tigers and is helping them get through the CIF championships. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Once you’ve been an athlete for a while, it’s hard to hide from the spotlight. This time around, that spotlight has found Nancy Romo and Kaleb Hervey at San Jacinto High School for our Fall MVP Spotlight. Corey EvanNancy Romo has participated in both varsity tennis and volleyball at SJHS. Nancy Romo A senior, Romo made a racket on the tennis court with her racquet as (more…)

Go green at the big game this year

<strong>Go green at the big game this year</strong>
Metro ServiceOne way to improve on an already fun game experience is to embrace eco-friendly behaviors the next time you cheer on the home team. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Sporting events are often steeped in tradition. The teams battling it out have their own histories, but the fans in attendance no doubt have their own customs as well. Many parents make attending certain sporting events with their kids a family tradition, while other fans may wear a favorite hat or jersey to the game no matter how many miles such attire has on it. But even if you and your fellow sports enthusiasts already adhere to your own unique traditions, (more…)

Stocking stuffers for athletes and sports enthusiasts

<strong>Stocking stuffers for athletes and sports enthusiasts</strong>
Metro ServiceHoliday shoppers who have an accomplished athlete on their shopping lists may want to consider the following ideas. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the best gifts are those that come in small packages. Though some people pour over their holiday shopping lists for weeks, it’s not uncommon for even the most devoted holiday shopper to overlook stocking stuffers, which can be just as difficult to find as larger gifts. When shopping for stocking stuffers, consider the recipient’s interests. For example, athletes and sports enthusiasts would undoubtedly love a gift that reflects their loyalty to a favorite team or their devotion to (more…)

MVP Spotlight: Josie Collier and Nick Thornburg

<strong>MVP Spotlight: Josie Collier and Nick Thornburg</strong>
She plays volleyball, He plays football, both star in the Hemet High Daily Bulletin Photos by Corey EvanAn action shot of Nick Thornburg during a play. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter It’s one thing to be the face of your school in the sports arena. It’s a whole other deal being the face of the school in the morning announcement broadcast as well. But it’s a scenario which Hemet High School’s Josie Collier and Nicholas Thornburg both know well. Both Bulldog nominees to our MVP Spotlight feature as regulars in the school’s Daily Bulletin videos. And both students are seniors. Josie Collier Collier was nominated to our MVP spotlight by (more…)

MVP Spotlight: Travis Booth and Caitlin Cunningham

<strong>MVP Spotlight: Travis Booth and Caitlin Cunningham</strong>
Booth multitasked for Titan football, while Caitlin captained the girls volleyball team Photo by Corey EvanAn action shot of Caitlin Cunningham (far right) doing what she does best in volleyball. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter A losing season can be tough, but being a tough athlete in your own way can often be the only win you really need. It’s a tough winning attitude which saw Tahquitz High School athletes Travis Booth and Caitlin Cunningham nominated to our MVP Spotlight for the fall. Caitlin Cunningham Cunningham, a senior, was nominated by volleyball head coach Janette Placencia: “When I first met her she was so full of energy and positivity it (more…)

Tigers drag down the Blackhawks

<strong>Tigers drag down the Blackhawks</strong>
CIF Southern Section Div. 7, round one – San Jacinto edged out La Quinta 30-20 Photo by Corey EvanThings got rather messy during last Friday night’s CIF match. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter A lot can happen in 23 years; four presidents have come and gone, 12 Olympiads played, and roughly 4000 episodes of “The Price is Right” have aired. All that and many more historic moments have happened since the last time the San Jacinto High School football team has played the La Quinta Blackhawks in 1995. And on Friday Nov. 2, the two teams finally met again for round one of the CIF Southern Section Division 7 playoffs. (more…)

Knights pierced by D’Backs

<strong>Knights pierced by D’Backs</strong>
Girls Volleyball: Dartmouth bitten off their four-year streak by Diamond Valley, winning the championship 2-nil Photos by Corey EvanThe Diamondbacks are number one, having ended Dartmouth’s four-year winning streak. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter One can’t help but root for an underdog… or in this case, the under-snake. Going up against the four-time Valley League champion Dartmouth Middle School Knights on Nov. 1, the girls volleyball team of Diamond Valley Middle School had a lot to prove. But the Diamondbacks did start off with one big advantage: home court advantage. The snake pit, a.k.a. the Diamondback Gym, was standing-room only for the 2018 championship match. Action shot taken during last (more…)